Energoonz Slot by Play’n Go

Energoonz is a quirky and unique online video slot game produced by Play’n Go. Instead of the classic 5-reels setup, the game has a Tetris style game setup with a 5×5 grid filled with little energetic gremlin creatures. The setting for the game is a type of blue space with electrical current floating in the air. To the right of the main grid is a large electrical inducer that looks like an overgrown Van de Graaff generator. To the left of the grid is the win table that displays all the list of winning combinations from previous drops (spins).

An Arcade-Style Slot with a Sci-Fi Theme

The unconventional slot setup in the Energoonz slot means that there are no paylines and no spinning reels. A payout is generated when three or more of the same symbols align either vertically or horizontally on the grid. When the spin button is pushed, a full 25 symbols drop from the top of the screen to take up their places on the grid. If any of the symbols do form a winning combination, the symbols will be energized and disappear out of the grid allowing the symbols above to fall into place and create new winning combinations. This can continue until the entire grid is cleared.

High Paying Goon Symbols

Energoonz is a 3D animated slot with excellent graphics, 3D animation and quirky sci-fi sound effects. Before the start of each spin, players can set the betting at 0.2, 1, 2, 10 or 40 coins per payline. There are a total of eight symbols in the game, with the top three being types of energy gremlins or goonz. The highest paying symbol is the black gremlin with the large blue eyes. Finding all five of these guys across or down the grid will pay out a maximum of 1000 on a maximum bet.

After the black gremlin, the next highest paying symbol in the Energoonz slot is the orange gremlin with the very square face. He is followed by the green gremlin with 3 protruding eyes. The lower paying symbols include the double lightning bolt, the single lightning bolt, the double fireball, the single fireball and the atomic energy sign. The game also includes a Wild symbol in the form of a floating blue orb. The Wild symbol can be used to substitute for any of the other symbols in order to create a winning combination on the grid.

The Energoonz Bonus Round

When any line combination is achieved, the energiser will electrify the symbols making them disappear. At this point, one of the symbols will turn into a Wild symbol that will stay on the grid to help create new combinations. If players manage to clear an entire column revealing the world “Bonus” the Energoonz bonus feature will kick in.

When the bonus round is triggered, players will be taken to a second screen revealing a completely different grid of 10×10 filled with a whole new batch of funny little electric goonz. The bonus round starts off with 10 free spins where a winning combination is achieved by matching 5 or more symbols in a line down or across. The payouts for each combination is much higher in the bonus round compared to the base game. Players can also win extra free spins by matching up electrical generator symbols.