5Dimes Sportsbook

Betting On 5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes Sportsbook will thrill punters seeking to add a vital mix of essential sports betting options to an arsenal of top quality online gaming sites.

One of the more interesting aspects featured within 5Dimes Sportsbook is their inherent mix of United States sporting events and their jurisdiction that offers players from the United States the ability to partake within the action on the site.

Since its establishment in 1999, 5Dimes Sportsbook has kept up to date with a trustworthy track record that has installed faith and confidence within the bookmaker.

Punters opting for 5Dimes Sportsbook will be delighted at the promotions on offer, with a host of reload bonuses available to players of good standing.

5Dimes Sportsbook incorporates an immense selection of sports betting options coupled with an excellent client support centre and a user-friendly site navigational interface that make 5Dimes Sportsbook a complete sports betting package.

The Reliability OF 5Dimes Sportsbook

Running business solutions out of Costa Rica and in full operational capacity since 1999, 5Dimes has a reliable and industry leading reputation in the sports betting market.

Providing players with a premium class product at lucrative odds that challenge industry standards, 5Dimes is a reliable sports betting option for punters seeking thrilling American sports markets.

Love At First Site

5Dimes follows a uniform design and layout across all pages that results a user-friendly interface. A simple, compressed central window relays all sports information in a manner that is easy to understand and precisely signified.

Informative pop up windows provides punters with extra info that is imperative to the sporting action across all player accounts.

5Dimes allows punters to access a multitude of sporting disciplines via straightforward navigational buttons that are concisely labelled and effectively tabulated.

The bookmaker pushes forward for punters, rolling out informative information on the range of betting options available, the explanation that follows is valuable and can be accessed at any time to make a better informed sports bet decision.

The site design comes forth with an overall pleasing attitude; the live help window that is unmistakable for client convenience echoes this.

The Wagering Options Available

5Dimes provides punters with a mixture of essential sports bets including; Straight Bets, Pleasers, Reverses, Totals, If-Bets, Asian Handicaps, Parlays, Rolling If-Bets, Office Polls, Progressives/Teasers, Round Robbins and even Point Buying.

Wagering markets

Delighting punters and wetting an insatiable appetite, 5Dimes offers more than most mainstream markets. Popular sports markets on the site include American Football, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis and Golf.

Lesser-followed markets in the USA are also incorporated; these include Cricket, Snooker and Darts. These markets round the sight off and provide holistic sports betting action.

Live Wagering

Live wagering options on 5Dimes Sportsbook are generally reserved for bigger American sporting events such as Football and Baseball.

These mainstream avenues are popular and punters opting for 5Dimes Sportsbook can expect an assortment of wagering types including in game props, spreads, totals and moneylines.

5Dimes Bonus

5Dimes Sportsbook is generous with promotional online sports betting rewards. Punters seeking rewards options can locate a multiplicity of promotional offerings under the Rewards tab, which extends itself as a supplementary tab under the Home spread.

The bookmaker offers a variety of bonus rewards some of which include; Reduced Juice Rewards, Free Play, market play and Lotto rewards, cash back rewards, 30 % super saver reward, point mover special reward program, casino rebate rewards program and on the house reward program.

The most notable rewards offering by Dimes Sportsbook comes in the form of reload bonuses, the bookmaker will issue random rewards at its discretion for depositing history and playing experience.